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Winter welcomes

Pieter Colpaert

We are really pleased to welcome three new colleagues, Michiel Vancoillie and Jan Vansteenlandt who join us as programmers, and Mathias Van Compernolle who is already coordinating Apps For X.

Mathias is currently working for iDROPS that organizes innovation labs within the broad social sector and creative industries. He earlier got involved with OKFN BE and the Apps For Flanders and Whisky events. Don’t hesitate to contact this zippy boy!

Michiel is a freelancer and has been working for various international clients since 2008. He will coordinate the SoLoMIDEM project at the Open Transport working group, a project which you will hear more about soon.

Jan and Michiel are at this moment working at the We Open Data working group. This working group has several clients who want help, or who want extend The DataTank.


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