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Although Open Data is a known concept in Belgium for several years, according to the ranking on the Open Data Index, Belgium only ranks 58th out of the 70 registered countries. That’s something we at OKFN Belgium believe can be improved if we all work together. That’s why we revived, a place for all the Belgian Open Data enthusiasts.

This website is not just a website

Open Belgium is a network of ambassadors, organisations and individuals alike, who stimulate Open Data on different levels. Through this platform we try to bring together the community and acknowledge their effort in bringing us closer to a more open Belgium.

Talking about bringing people together, Open Belgium is a conference as well. On the 17th of February we will bring Belgian open data enthusiasts, data wranglers and policy makers together to discuss and build upon what is currently available. This website will be our main communication platform where we’ll feature different blogposts on the break out sessions that will held at the conference. From Open Street Map, Creative Commons, the most wanted data to PSI directives and Data Journalism. You will read the first opinions and insights of the experts right here.

And not just those stories will be available, we’ll regularly post about success stories of open data publications, applications and creative expressions.

Last but not least, there is of course a data portal, containing Belgian datasets from everyone who wants to contribute. We’ll continue to add datasets in order to make this website a one-stop shop for Open Data in Belgium.

We’re excited and we hope you are too! Want to bring your success story on Open Belgium or add data to our data portal? Feel free to contact us through and we’ll gladly work together with you.


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