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Data Days goes social

Pieter-Jan Pauwels

As is a community website, the conference day has some social aspects we hold dear as well. We hope that all data-wranglers, local policy makers and open data experts alike get to meet each other and exchange their Open Data experiences. But the conference venue isn’t the only place where can you meet up, even after the conference itself, there is lots to do.

On February 17 after the conference our dear friends at Ghent Web Valley have prepared an After Drink at Caffè Caffee, just 650 metres from the conference venue. So feel free to fresh-up at your hotel or go out to eat and then join us during this After Drink. It start at 6PM local time. For those who aren’t familiar with Ghent Web Valley. They’re a non-profit organisation that stimulate collaboration and innovation within the web and ICT companies that are located in Ghent. But that’s not all! Really?

Really. Even those who have only bought a one-day ticket for Open Belgium are still welcome without charge to the social event on February 18 in the Bijloke music venue. During this social event, there will be fries and music. And not just any kind of music. Red Herring wil bring us some 17th and 18th century inspired baroque music in the concert hall of the Bijloke.

So start printing those extra business cards, chances are that you’re going to need them.

I hope we’ll see you there.

Want a short preview of Red Herring?


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