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The City of Antwerp releases 210 extra datasets on their Open Data Portal

Pieter-Jan Pauwels

Great news for all the developers, start-ups and development enthousiasts who use Open Data in their applications. Since yesterday, the 50 available datasets of the City of Antwerp have been expanded with no less than 210 fresh and new datasets. These new datasets are all about geodata and there is a lot of interesting data to be found. Like data about public WiFi locations, the locations of available party venues or rehearsal rooms. Or Open Data on how fast you can go in a certain street, the driving directions and the different parking zones or their parking fees. There’s even data provided about where the public barbecues are, where you can work out in your neighbourhood, where to take the train, tram or bus or where to go shopping in Antwerp. So there’s geodata for every occasion.

And that’s not all! They’re also using the Datatank so it’s all machine readable and ready to use.

Everyone who wants to work with this data can do this without any limits concerning copyright an patents. You can use it to make applications, websites and in this way cooperate to a better service provision. You can read the license (in Dutch) on the website.

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