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Time for an Edit-a-thon

Pieter-Jan Pauwels

This saturday it’s time for Apps For Ghent, a short 6-hour hackathon in the city of Ghent.
I’ll be there all day and I want to start up a sidetrack during the event: An AppsForX Edit-A-Thon.

What is it?
During these 6 hours we’ll be editing the Apps for X WordPress template, used by Apps for Ghent themselves. You can find the project on

What’s the goal?
Having a new template ready to set-up during other Apps for X events and improve the one Apps For Ghent is using now.

Who do you need?
Everyone with frontend-dev, backend-dev and design experience who can work on a WordPress template.

What’s in it for us?
The template will be distributed under an open licence but we want to attribute you for the effort.
So your name will be on every possible AppsForX website in Belgium, and maybe even in Europe. Besides from the fame afterwards, I’ll make sure that during the edit-a-thon our team won’t be hungry, thirsty, bored or agitated. And admit it, who doesn’t want a personal assistant for a day?

Where do I sign up?
Contact Pieter-Jan and we’ll see each other on saturday.

Image source: Wikimedia by Tom Moriss


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