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Pieter-Jan Pauwels


Last weekend was the eGov mobility hackathon Wallonia at the co-working Namur workspace hosted by our Open Belgium ambassadors Philippe and Jean-Yves.

eGov Hackathon Wallonia, is not a one time event, but a series of thematic hackathons. This hackathon was about Mobility, the next one will be around energy (more about that one TBA).

The winners of the mobility hackathon were Open Home Chooser for the best prototype. They developed an application for those who are looking for a new home and want to find more about the nearby facilities and the access to those facilities. With this app you can assess if a home is close to your work or has a good public transport connection to your work. This can apply to more than your workplace, you can use it for schools and other facilities that matter in your situation.

“Qui A Charge D’Ame” won the award for the best idea. The idea involves around helping people with certain disabilities and people of old age to guide them through the city in a safe way.

There’s a whole Storify about the Hackathon by Coworking Namur (French only).

Congratulations to the winners and we hope to see you again during the energy hackathon.

[View the story “Hackathon sur la Mobilité 4-5 avril 2014 au Coworking Namur #HackWall” on Storify]


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