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AppLAB2 – Visualise the City of Kortrijk

Pieter-Jan Pauwels

It’s time for the second edition of AppLAB.

During this edition the city of Kortrijk is looking for software developers and designers to work in small teams to work on either a mobile or web applications. The goal is not to create fully finished products, but to gather inspiration and work on new concepts. These can be worked out later on and launched so that all end-users can enjoy it. If possible, the city of Kortrijk will provide support for this making this happen.

Does this edition differ from the last AppLAB?

This edition is all about visualisation and analysis of data. How can we (re)-introduce the city in an attractive and visual way, based on the available datasets. And more importantly, which new insights can these visualisations bring for the city of Kortrijk or its citizens?

Applab itself is organised by the city of Kortrijk, New Media & Communication Technology (NMCT) at Howest college in corporation with Leiedal intercommunal.

The participants can choose their approach, the only condition to be eligible for a price or award is that the application has something to do with the city of Kortrijk.


AppLab is taking place on thursday 26th of june 2014 in the city hall of Kortrijk on the ‘Dakcafé’ (entrance via ‘Papenstraat’).

Grotere kaart bekijken

The briefing starts at 10:00 with a quick look at the offered data and subjects. During the event participants can rely on the assistance of professionals to make their application a success.
Visitors can come and take a look at the development of the applications and visualisation of the data. Or watch which design and development choices are being made.

At 21:00 we will start with the pitches, thereafter the jury deliberation and and finally the winners announcement.


Entry and participation is free but to make sure we have all the necessary room and resources for you, registration is necessary. Registration is available through the Eventbrite Page.
You don’t need a team during registration, teams can also be formed on the hackathon itself. Visitors do not need to register.

Want to join and spread the word? #AppLab2 is the hashtag.
Have a question about the hackathon? @8500Kortrijk can help you along.

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