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Pieter Colpaert

In February 2015, Open Knowledge Belgium will celebrate its third anniversary during the Open Belgium conference ( This is also the time that the official functions within the board of directors have been doing their work for 3 years now. We will be open to accept new people in the board of directors of the vzw/asbl.

More information about what you can apply for and how this election will work, can be found on the “Board of directors 2015-2018 application form“.

Time frame:

  • apply until the end of December
  • voting will happen during January
  • 23d of February during the Open Belgium conference: the start of the new board

The board of directors at Open Knowledge Belgium consists out of: a president, a vice-president, a chief communication officer, a chief finances and all working group coordinators (which are elected through the working groups and not through this form). The 4 functions are voluntary (non-paid but much appreciated) positions. The goal of these 4 of the positions are to make the existence of the working groups as easy as possible. The current “staff” of Open Knowledge Belgium can be found on the staff page. A quick state of the vzw/asbl is summarized in these slides:

Being a board member at Open Knowledge Belgium implies holding a conference call each 3 to 4 months to hold a board meeting where financials and administration are discussed (funding, expenses, possible projects within working groups, etc.), and to reply in a timely fashion on the mailinglist of the board (currently ~5 mails/month) to give your input on on-going discussions.

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