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Open Knowledge is looking for a new headquarters in Ghent

Pieter-Jan Pauwels

HEAR HEAR, we’re looking for a new place!

Since the founding of our official non-profit “Open Knowledge Foundation vzw/asbl”, back in 2012, we have been blessed to have have found refuge at iMinds in the iMinds Start-Up Garage. It enabled us to setup a member base, have an official domicile address and invite volunteers, even hire a first employee. IMinds is moving towards another location and it seemed time for us to leave the iMinds-nest and build our own space. So if you know about an available space in Ghent, let us know. Here’s what we are looking for.

What we need:

  • A desk space that can host up to 4 people
  • Costs somewhere between 400 euro to 650 euro depending on number of seats and facilities
  • Available preferably around November 2015
  • Preferably within the R40 ring of Ghent
  • Easily reachable by public transport or bike
  • Has decent WiFi capabilities
  • Is open 24/7 or we at least have access to it whenever needed
  • Have the ability to domicile our address for official mail

Big plusses:

  • A meeting space / meeting room that can host up to 6 to 8 people
  • Co-offices, we’re not afraid to share communal spaces with other people, we keep it clean
  • Furnished renting, we’re a young non-profit, so except for an office chair our assets are small
  • Have a rental contract rather than paying by invoice on a monthly basis
  • Storage space for material such as banners, tshirts, hardware, etc.
  • A lot of light, our volunteers and coworkers are like plants
  • Close to food, we like food

If you have such a space available in Ghent, for example an extra room in your office, too many seats at your landscape desk or you know a guy that knows a guy that has an unused office building, here’s some information about our team:

  • We have only one Fulltime employee called Pieter-Jan, he’s a friendly and quiet guy
  • We do tend to have board members and volunteers coming over from time to time to work on projects (hence the request for 4 seats)
  • We have a board of 8 members, they’re all experts within their field and kind people to be around, they get together two times a year. Giving them a space would be a huge advantage.
  • We love to be able to invite partners and Open Data leads (government officials, NPO’s, consultants, international speaker etc.) from time to time.

If you have the perfect place, call PJ on +32 476 66 27 77 or mail to pieterjan [at] If you have the perfect place but it’s not in Ghent, but in another major city in Belgium (Brussels, Antwerp, Leuven), let us know anyway, because you never know.


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